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Why Choose the Intimate Wellness Institute™?

When it comes to health, women’s voices are rarely heard. Sometimes, doctors don’t seem to listen to female patients’ concerns. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to match patients with a women’s health expert that has proven expertise in women’s intimate issues. On top of that, we ensure that these providers demonstrate compassion and respect at the same time. Intimate Wellness Institute™ providers employ an approach to healthcare that acknowledges that a woman’s confidence and identity are intrinsically tied to her sexual health.

Intimate Wellness Institute Locations

      Physical Roadblocks to Intimacy

      In women, sexual dysfunction is common and can happen at any age. Pregnancy, childbirth, illness, menopause, and a range of other events or causes can all be a factor. Our centers provide expert diagnoses and provide comprehensive approaches to treatment.

      Emotional Roadblocks to Intimacy

      Our sexual lives and health are deeply affected by our fears, past experiences, and beliefs. Combined, these factors often prevent us from feeling fulfilled sexually and hinder our happiness. Intimate Wellness Institute™ providers work with women to help them understand the factors preventing them from realizing their full, natural sense of intimacy.